Telephone Game

The car swerved to avoid hitting the motorbike dragging itself along the highway. Angie smacked her hand into the center of the steering wheel and a sharp honk pierced the night’s cold air.   She thrust her head outside the window. “Get that pile of junk off the road you moron,” she shouted into the dark.... Continue Reading →

Kiss Me Where it Hurts

There are variations to how it begins, but the ending is always the same; me lying down with a battered body and a darkened soul.  My brain is trying to come up with a short and convincing reason for why I'm getting home two hours later than usual. Sorry I was late leaving the office,... Continue Reading →

Something Beautiful

Sam recognized there was something shameful about this situation. About having stubbornly squeezed himself into the tiny space at the end of a sofa that was currently populated by suitcases and taped up boxes. He reminded himself he had had no choice in the sitting situation. The spacious living room boasted two 3 seater sofas... Continue Reading →

Shoreline Blues

I'm perched on my high seat gazing at the masses below. A good number are lying about lazily on colorfully quilted blankets with soft drinks in their hands. Others stroll the beach barefooted periodically chasing after retreating tides. My eyes are mostly on the swimmers concentrated between two and twenty meters from the shoreline. My... Continue Reading →

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